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PP.73 Health Promotion of the Pregnant: Analysis of Some Intervening Variables
  1. M Ferreira,
  2. P Nelas,
  3. G Aparício
  1. Polytechnic Institute of Viseu - Health School - CI&DETS, Viseu, Portugal


Background The deficit in preparing women for motherhood is responsible for a higher incidence of complications in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, as well as lower prevalence of breastfeeding until 6 months of baby’s life.

Objective To analyse the relationship of education/information made during pregnancy and preparing women for motherhood.

Method This is a non-experimental, quantitative, cross-sectional, descriptive and correlational study with a non-probability convenience sample (n = 195). Data collection was made through a questionnaire comprising a sociodemographic component and obstetric history (previous and current) and a pregnant women’s empowerment scale (KAMEDA; SHIMADA, 2008). This data collection instrument was administrated to pregnant women in the third pregnancy trimester.

Results 70.8% have breastfeeding information and of these, 40.6% were informed by the nurse. 89.2% of pregnant women surveyed received information about the discomforts of pregnancy and of these, 27.6% were informed by the doctor. 94.4% received information on nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy, and 39.1% said it was the doctor. Information on harmful habits in pregnancy was performed to 80.5% and in 34.4% it was the doctor who transmitted the information. Obstetric variables and the transmitter of information are predictors of the health promotion of the pregnant.

Conclusions In order to make choices in a conscious and healthy way pregnant woman should have adequate information at every step of the pregnancy and childbirth. Health professionals (doctors and nurses) should play a facilitating role in acquiring skills of self-care during pregnancy and postpartum.

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