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Danish premature birth rates during the COVID-19 lockdown
Hedermann, Gitte; Hedley, Paula Louise; Baekvad-Hansen, Marie; Hjalgrim, Henrik; Rostgaard, Klaus; Poorisrisak, Porntiva; Breindahl, Morten; Melbye, Mads; Hougaard, David M.; Christiansen, Michael; Lausten-Thomsen, Ulrik

Neurodevelopmental impairment in necrotising enterocolitis survivors: systematic review and meta-analysis
Matei, Andreea; Montalva, Louise; Goodbaum, Alexa; Lauriti, Giuseppe; Zani, Augusto

Increase of stillbirth and decrease of late preterm infants during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
De Curtis, Mario; Villani, Leonardo; Polo, Arianna

Coronavirus infection in neonates: a systematic review
Trevisanuto, Daniele; Cavallin, Francesco; Cavicchiolo, Maria Elena; Borellini, Martina; Calgaro, Serena; Baraldi, Eugenio

School-age outcomes following intraventricular haemorrhage in infants born extremely preterm
Hollebrandse, Nicky Laura; Spittle, Alicia J.; Burnett, Alice C.; Anderson, Peter J.; Roberts, Gehan; Doyle, Lex W.; Cheong, Jeanie Ling Yoong

Serious games, a game changer in teaching neonatal resuscitation? A review
Ghoman, Simran K.; Patel, Siddhi D.; Cutumisu, Maria; von Hauff, Patrick; Jeffery, Thomas; Brown, Matthew R. G.; Schmolzer, Georg M.

Comparative efficacy of methods for surfactant administration: a network meta-analysis
Bellos, Ioannis; Fitrou, Georgia; Panza, Raffaella; Pandita, Aakash

Thromboelastographic profiles of healthy very low birthweight infants serially during their first month
Raffaeli, Genny; Tripodi, Armando; Cavallaro, Giacomo; Cortesi, Valeria; Scalambrino, Erica; Pesenti, Nicola; Artoni, Andrea; Mosca, Fabio; Ghirardello, Stefano

Outcomes of endotracheal suctioning in non-vigorous neonates born through meconium-stained amniotic fluid: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Phattraprayoon, Nanthida; Tangamornsuksan, Wimonchat; Ungtrakul, Teerapat

Face mask versus nasal prong or nasopharyngeal tube for neonatal resuscitation in the delivery room: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mangat, Avneet; Bruckner, Marlies; Schmoelzer, Georg M.

Observational cohort study of changing trends in non-invasive ventilation in very preterm infants and associations with clinical outcomes
Sand, Laura; Szatkowski, Lisa; Kwok, T’ng Chang; Sharkey, Don; Todd, David A.; Budge, Helen; Ojha, Shalini

Neuron-specific enolase is correlated with lesion topology, relative infarct volume and outcome of symptomatic NAIS
Arca, Gemma; Arnaez, Juan; Agut, Thais; Nunez, Christian; Stephan-Otto, Christian; Valls, Anna; Garcia-Alix, Alfredo

Core outcomes in neonatology: development of a core outcome set for neonatal research
Webbe, James William Harrison; Duffy, James M. N.; Afonso, Elsa; Al-Muzaffar, Iyad; Brunton, Ginny; Greenough, Anne; Hall, Nigel J.; Knight, Marian; Latour, Jos M.; Lee-Davey, Caroline; Marlow, Neil; Noakes, Laura; Nycyk, Julie; Richard-Londt, Angela; Ben Wills-Eve; Modi, Neena; Gale, Chris

Effect of intrapartum antibiotics on the intestinal microbiota of infants: a systematic review
Zimmermann, Petra; Curtis, Nigel

Therapeutic hypothermia for mild neonatal encephalopathy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Kariholu, Ujwal; Montaldo, Paolo; Markati, Theodora; Lally, Peter J.; Pryce, Russell; Teiserskas, Justinas; Liow, Natasha; Oliveira, Vania; Soe, Aung; Shankaran, Seetha; Thayyil, Sudhin

Improving incidence trends of severe intraventricular haemorrhages in preterm infants < 32 weeks gestation: a cohort study
Yeo, Kee Thai; Thomas, Reji; Chow, Sharon S. W.; Bolisetty, Srinivas; Haslam, Ross; Tarnow-Mordi, William; Lui, Kei

Neonatal care bundles are associated with a reduction in the incidence of intraventricular haemorrhage in preterm infants: a multicentre cohort study
de Bijl-Marcus, Karen; Brouwer, Annemieke Johanna; De Vries, Linda S.; Groenendaal, Floris; van Wezel-Meijler, Gerda

Drainage, irrigation and fibrinolytic therapy (DRIFT) for posthaemorrhagic ventricular dilatation: 10-year follow-up of a randomised controlled trial
Luyt, Karen; Jary, Sally L.; Lea, Charlotte L.; Young, Grace J.; Odd, David E.; Miller, Helen E.; Kmita, Grazyna; Williams, Cathy; Blair, Peter S.; Hollingworth, William; Morgan, Michelle; Smith-Collins, Adam P.; Walker-Cox, Steven; Aquilina, Kristian; Pople, Ian; Whitelaw, Andrew G.

Consensus outcome rating for international neonatal resuscitation guidelines
Strand, Marya L.; Simon, Wendy Marie; Wyllie, Jonathan; Wyckoff, Myra H.; Weiner, Gary

Inconsistent outcome reporting in large neonatal trials: a systematic review
Webbe, James William Harrison; Ali, Shohaib; Sakonidou, Susanna; Webbe, Thomas; Duffy, James M. N.; Brunton, Ginny; Modi, Neena; Gale, Chris

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