Table 1

Characteristics of mothers (N=76) and their infants (N=76) at birth

ParametersPenicillin G
Age (years)*29 (27–32)
BMI (kg/m2)*23.8 (21.5–27.4)
Smoking†3 (3.9)
Thyroid disease†2 (2.6)
Diabetes type I†1 (1.3)
Diabetes type II†0 (0.0)
Hypertension†1 (1.3)
Pregnancy complications
 Gestational diabetes†2 (2.6)
 Gestational hypertension†7 (9.2)
 Pre-eclampsia†4 (5.3)
Indication for antibiotic treatment
 Intrapartum GBS PCR positive†43 (56.6)
 Other†‡44 (57.9)
Doses of penicillin G
 1 dose37 (48.7)
 2 doses19 (25.0)
 ≥3 doses20 (26.3)
 Gestational age (week, day)*39.3 (38.1–40.5)
 Preterm birth (<37 weeks)†5 (6.6)
 Birth weight (g)*3498 (3137–3908)
 Admission to neonatal intensive care unit (days) (n=16)*Median 5 (1–98)
  • *Results are presented as median (IQR)

  • †Results are presented as n (%)

  • ‡‘Other’ refers to preterm labour, previous child with EOGBS or other neonatal infection, GBS in urine during pregnancy, breakdown of POCT intrapartum PCR equipment or borderline results.

  • BMI, Body Mass Index; EOGBS, early-onset group B streptococcus disease; GBS, group B streptococcus.