Table 4

WISC-IV results on a group level

WISC-IV indexMean index score (SD, 95% CI) at age 6–8 years
FSIQ103.8 (10.9, 100.4–107.1)
Verbal comprehension102.6 (9.4, 100.8–106.5)
Perceptual reasoning107 (11.5, 103.5–110.4)
Processing speed98.8 (16.4, 93.9–103.8)
Working memory98 (10.6, 94.7–101.2)
  • Results reported as mean value (with SD and 95% CI within parentheses) for all children who completed testing on both occasions (n=44), including those with a CP diagnosis.

  • CP, cerebral palsy; FSIQ, full-scale IQ; WISC-IV, Wechsler Scales of Intelligence for Children, Fourth Edition.