Table 2

Changes in cardiorespiratory parameters within 60 s after the apnoeic episode

Mode of respiratory supportBaseline before apnoea
Mean (SD)
Mean (95% CI)P valueComparison nHFOV vs nCPAP*
∆SpO2 nHFOV93 (4)−5.4 (−4.4 to −6.4)<0.0013.6 (2.7 to 4.6)
nCPAP92 (5)−9.4 (−7.7 to −11.0)<0.001F=14.5, p<0.001
∆HRnHFOV166 (14)−7.8 (−5.8 to −9.7)<0.00115.9 (13.4 to 18.5)
nCPAP161 (15)−23.7 (−17.9 to −29.4)<0.001F=37.0, p<0.001
  • *The F value is the test statistic of the analysis of variance and corresponds to the variation between subjects divided by the variation within subjects. P values of the mixed-model analysis of variance are shown.

  • ∆HR, change in heart rate within 60 s after the apnoeic episode; nCPAP, nasal continuous positive airway pressure; nHFOV, non-invasive high-frequency oscillatory ventilation; ∆SpO2, change in oxygen saturation within 60 s after the apnoeic episode.