Table 3

Difference in MgSO4 uptake in babies born at ≤30 weeks’ gestation after implementation of the NPP in maternity units in England††

ModelsDifference in MgSO4 uptake (percentage points)*95% CI (percentage points)P value
1Unadjusted†12.29.5 to 15.0<0.001
2Adjusted for unit size‡11.08.9 to 13.1<0.001
3Adjusted for unit size and clustering by AHSN§11.08.4 to 13.5<0.001
4Adjusted for unit size, clustering by AHSN and NPP month¶6.72.8 to 10.50.001
5Fully adjusted**6.32.6 to 10.00.001
6Fully adjusted model** and excluding records within 3 months either side of the start month9.54.3 to 14.7<0.001
Additional analyses
7Model 6 and including the 13 PReCePT trial intervention units9.64.4 to 14.8<0.001
8Model 6 and excluding units in one AHSN where implementation was delayed10.03.9 to 16.00.001
  • *Percentage point changes, post implementation minus pre-implementation.

  • †Crude regression of uptake post implementation compared with pre-implementation.

  • ‡As per model 1, plus additionally weighted on the number of eligible records per unit, with robust SEs.

  • §As per model 2, plus additionally accounting for clustering by AHSN, with robust SEs.

  • ¶As per model 3, plus additionally adjusted for recorded start month.

  • **As per model 4, plus additionally adjusted for birth weight adjusted for gestational age and sex, maternal age, IMD, ethnicity, multiple birth, maternal hypertension (all unit-level aggregates), level of unit and study month.

  • ††MgSO4 data from records on singleton births and the first born of multiples with records in the data set.

  • AHSN, Academic Health Science Network; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; MgSO4, magnesium sulfate; NPP, National PReCePT Programme; PReCePT, Preventing Cerebral Palsy in Pre Term labour.