Table 3

Comparison of infants that exhaled through the CPAP system in either interface and those who did not

Exhaled through either interface (mask or prongs) n=32Did not exhale via CPAP n=18P value
GA birth, w+d (median, IQR)34+0 (31+5–39+2)32+4 (28+3–35+5)0.182
PMA, days (median, IQR)34+0 (31+6–39+3)33+3 (32+1–36+0)0.701
Postnatal age (median, IQR)1 (0–2.8)2.5 (1-8)0.029
Weight, g (median, IQR)2011 (1536–3485)1734 (1275–2575)0.249
CPAP duration, hours (median, IQR)20 (8–67)60 (16–336)0.018
CPAP level, cmH20 (median, IQR)4 (4–4)4 (4–5)0.299
  • Mann-Whitney U test used for comparisons.

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; GA, gestational age; PMA, postmenstrual age.