Table 1

Perinatal characteristics of neonates with HSV infection in Germany 2017–2018

Infant’s characteristicsN
Age at onset of symptoms*
 Day of life, median (min, max)10 (0, 52)
Days between onset of symptoms and start of antiviral treatment*
 Days, median (min, max)2 (0,13)
Mother’s characteristics
Maternal age, years
Birth mode
 Caesarean section4
Rupture of membranes >18 hours before birth
  • *Available for the 27/37 infants that were symptomatic.

  • †Total number is 36 for the mothers since a pair of twins was included in the survey. For child-related factors, this mother is included in the calculations for each child individually.

  • HSV, herpes simplex virus; N/A, not applicable.