Table 1

Randomised trials published before 2020 comparing higher and lower haemoglobin transfusion thresholds for preterm infants

Transfusion threshold groupIowa trial5 PINT trial6 Taiwan trial20
Highest haemoglobin threshold,* g/dL15.311.313.511.515.011.7
Lowest haemoglobin threshold, g/dL10.
No of subjects51492282231719
Mean gestational age, weeks282826262929
Mean haemoglobin,† g/dL11.08.311.210.110.310.4
Mean no of transfusions5.23.3‡
Mean no of RBC donor exposures2.‡
Infants never transfused, %1210511‡
Died, %241819611
  • *Thresholds varied with postnatal age and/or respiratory support; haematocrit thresholds converted to haemoglobin levels by dividing by 3.

  • †Mean haemoglobin levels at age 6 weeks in Iowa trial, at age 4 weeks in PINT trial and at day 30 in Taiwan trial.

  • ‡Statistically significant difference, higher vs lower, p<0.05.