Table 2

Respondents’ selections of conceptual elements of a definition of ‘viability’

ConceptWhether or not a fetus or newborn is considered viable at a particular gestation depends on…Respondents,* n (%)
The proportion of infants who surviveIt is possible for infants to survive if born at this gestation129 (63.2)
The majority (>50%) of infants born at this gestation will survive52 (25.5)
The vast majority (>80%) of infants born at this gestation will survive15 (7.4)
Other8 (3.9)
Survival with or without disabilityWithout disability8 (3.9)
Without severe disability70 (34.3)
With or without disability122 (59.8)
Other4 (2.0)
Survival with or without medical interventionWithout medical intervention4 (2.0)
With medical interventions that are currently accessible to the infant and the treating team120 (58.8)
With medical interventions that could keep the fetus alive, even if they are not accessible to the infant75 (36.8)
Other5 (2.5)
  • *Total number of respondents who answered each question=204.