Table 1

Meta-analytical findings for neurodevelopment in children with congenital gastrointestinal malformations

Number of studiesNumber of observationsCohen’s d (95% CI, p value)Difference between findings on domains of neurodevelopmental outcomeHeterogeneity, I2 Significant moderatorsEgger’s intercept
Overall neurodevelopmental outcome472312−0.494
(−0.605 to −0.382, p<0.001)
56.2%Mean length of stay: b=−0.005, p<0.001, mean number of surgeries: b=−0.1371, p=0.003−1.874, p<0.001
Cognitive outcome 392055−0.435
(−0.567 to −0.302, p=<0.001)
Q=3.194, p=0.34363.7%Mean number of surgeries: b=−0.0825, p=0.045−0.711, p=0.031
Motor outcome 331821−0.610
(−0.769 to −0.451, p=<0.001)
70.3%Mean length of stay: b=−0.005, p=0.008, mean number of surgeries: b=−0.1789, p=0.001−2.502, p<0.001
Language outcome 14701−0.670
(−0.914 to −0.425, p=<0.001)
68.4%−2.743, p=0.013