Table 3

Sum of ∆EAdi/s for CNO, IF, SERVO-i for 30 breaths

Sum ∆EAdi (µV)262 (±119)352 (±262)286 (±126)0.7
Sum ∆EAdi/s (µV/s)6.1 (±2.3)7.9 (±4.9)7.6 (±3.6)0.39
  • Values are expressed as mean (SD). The ∆EAdi is the difference between the tonic and the phasic activity for each breath. Results are expressed as mean (SD).

  • EAdi, electrical activity of the diaphragm; FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen; HR, heartbeat; RR, respiratory rate; SpO2, oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry; TcPCO2, transcutaneous partial pressure CO2.