Table 1

Published case reports and series describing surfactant administration by supraglottic airway

Number of infantsGestation at birth (weeks)Birth weight (g)Device*Surfactant dose (mg/kg)MV
Brimacombe et al 27 230 and 371360 and 3200Classic LMA, size 175–100 (first dose), 50 (second dose)0/2
Trevisanuto et al 30 8Range 28–35Range 880–2520Classic LMA, size 11002/8
Micaglio et al 29 332, 34 and 371530, 2050 and 3500ProSeal LMA, size 1100Not reported
Barbosa et al 28 1311335ProSeal LMA, size 12000/1
Vannozzi et al 31 4Range 34–40Range 1900–3624Air-Q LM, size 0.5–1150–200Not reported
  • *Manufacturer details: Classic LMA and ProSeal LMA, Teleflex Medical, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA; Air-Q LM, Cookgas LLC, Mercury Medical, Clearwater, Florida, USA.

  • LMA, laryngeal mask airway; MV, mechanical ventilation.