Table 1

Newborn characteristics

Total (n=898)
Gestational age (weeks)40 (1)
Weight (gram)3594 (478)
Male gender439 (51)
Apgar scores
 1 min Apgar9 (9–10)
 5 min Apgar10 (10–10)
 10 min Apgar10 (10–10)
Umbilical cord blood values*
 Arterial pH7.35 (2.53)
 Arterial base deficit (mmol/L)3.7 (2.4)
 Venous pH7.34 (0.07)
 Venous base deficit (mmol/L)4.1 (2.1)
 Time after birth to cord clamp (s)319 (244–412)
 Time after birth to the first heart rate data (s)13 (9–22)
  • Male gender presented as n (%); Apgar scores, time to cord clamp and time to the first heart rate data presented as median (IQR); all remaining results presented as mean (SD).

  • *Available in 854 newborns.

  • †Available in 784 newborns.