Table 1

Free text comments from trainee surveys following intubation attempts

ThemeSample of free text comments
Guidance and feedback‘Very good to have a calm and guiding voice throughout the procedure.’
‘My first intubation in a controlled environment having calm assistance, advice and preparation was very helpful.’
‘I felt supported through the attempt and found the discussion prior helpful in understanding team expectations.’
‘The video screen was off, but still had useful advice.’
‘Having what I was seeing described to me as I was doing it meant that the next time I was able to identify the structures by myself.’
‘Though unsuccessful, was really useful to review video afterwards and understand reason for intubating the oesophagus.’
Feelings of intubator‘Each attempt I’ve gained experience making subsequent attempts less intimidating and an opportunity to improve my technique.’
‘Encouraged me to feel positive about my technique and intubation attempts in the future.’
‘Feeling very confident now. Not receiving new advice but reinforcements of previous tips.’
‘My own skill and inexperience limited successful intubation. Tutor gave clear helpful advice. I feel more confident about next attempt.’
Equipment‘My first attempts to intubate might have been more successful if I had the video at that time as I was much less confident as to the structures I was visualising.’
‘Video extremely helpful, rapid intubation with the help of positioning/ cricoid pressure and guidance.’
‘Use of video very useful for troubleshooting.’
‘Felt videolaryngoscope blade bulky.’
‘With video I could not advance the tube past fibre-optic camera.’
‘Difficulty getting tongue out of the way.’
Clinical setting‘Baby deteriorated, after stabilisation I was able to try again but was fairly nervous.’
‘Having so many people in the room was intimidating.’
‘Difficult to intubate as patient very active, difficult to maintain good visualisation with movement.’
‘Intimidating with baby’s father there.’