Table 1

Unit costs of resource items (2017–2018 prices)

Resource use itemsUnit cost (£)*Source
 Cost per day on parenteral nutrition45Walter et al 28
Intensive care
 Cost per day in intensive care
 (differentiated by level of care required)
NHS Reference Costs29
 Level 1—Intensive Care1295
 Level 2—High Dependency Care1032
 Level 3—Special Care510
Initial hospital stay
 Cost per pulmonary haemorrhage1485NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per IVH by severity:
  Grade 1 IVH/Germinal matrix haemorrhage862NHS Reference Costs29
  Grade 2 IVH1472NHS Reference Costs29
  Grade 3/4 IVH1519NHS Reference Costs29
 Course of shunts for hydrocephalus2608NHS Reference Costs29
 Bronchopulmonary dysplasia5954NHS Reference Costs29
 Periventricular leukomalacia1341NHS Reference Costs29
 Retinopathy treated medically or surgically1603NHS Reference Costs29
 PDA treated with NSAID1152BNFC30
 Surgeries due to gut signs6629NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost of antibiotic medication per day3.00BNFC30
 Cost of antifungal treatment per day1.06BNFC30
 Cost per mL of Preterm milk formula0.02Ganapathy et al 31
 Cost per packet of breast milk fortifier0.93Ganapathy et al 31
 Cost per litre of donor breast milk335Renfrew et al 32
 Cost per 200 mL of term formula milk2.00Renfrew et al 32
Resource use during 2-year follow-up
 Cost per out-patient day199NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per in-patient day635NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per operation2247NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per GP visit33Curtis and Burns10
 Cost per Health Visitor visit75Curtis and Burns10
 Cost per Community Nurse visit36Curtis and Burns10
 Cost per Home Visitor/Volunteer visit19Curtis and Burns10
 Cost per Community Paediatrician visit407NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per Physiotherapist visit95NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per Social Worker visit39Curtis and Burns10
 Cost per Speech and language therapist visit95NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per Dietician visit85NHS Reference Costs29
 Cost per Other health professional visit135NHS Reference Costs29
  • *Inflated to 2017–2018 costs using the UK hospital and community health services pay and prices index. Costs were assigned using a macrocosting (top-down) approach.20

  • GP, general practitioner; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage (intracranial abnormality); NSAID, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; PDA, patent ductus arteriosus.