Table 1

Summary of included studies

AuthorPublication dateStudy designCountryNewborns with SARS-CoV-2 infection
Wang et al1512 March 2020Case reportChina1
Alonso Díaz et al1613 March 2020Case reportSpain1
Kamali Aghdam et al1723 March 2020Case reportIran1
Zeng et al426 March 2020Case seriesChina3
Dong et al326 March 2020Case reportChina1
Wang et al18March 2020Case reportChina1
Zeng et al192 April 2020Case reportChina1
Zhang et al208 April 2020Case seriesChina4
Carosso et al2114 April 2020Case reportItaly1
Han et al2216 April 2020Case reportKorea1
Meslin et al2316 April 2020Case seriesFrance5
Zamaniyan et al2417 April 2020Case reportIran1
Alzamora et al2518 April 2020Case reportPerù1
Hu et al2624 April 2020Case seriesChina1
Chacón-Aguilar et al2727 April 2020Case reportSpain1
Ferrazzi et al2827 April 2020Case seriesItaly3
Sun et al2928 April 2020Case reportChina1
Sinelli et al301 May 2020Case reportItaly1
Buonsenso et al312 May 2020Case reportItaly1
Piersigilli et al327 May 2020Case reportBelgium1
Coronado Munoz et al337 May 2020Case reportUSA1
Knight et al3411 May 2020Case seriesUK6
Lorenz et al3512 May 2020Case reportGermany1
Zeng et al3612 May 2020Case seriesChina2
Salvatori et al3715 May 2020Case reportItaly2
Yu et al3820 May 2020Case seriesChina1