Table 4

Post-implementation staff responses

ThemeStaff comments
Staff experience
 Satisfaction‘I really enjoy sending these videos as much as families love to receive them’
‘Think it’s a great service we can offer to parents/families and I enjoy making the videos individualised to babies’
‘It is a very nice service for parents and allows the nurses to be creative’
 Workload‘It’s an extra task to do at the end of your shift but it’s a task that I want to do. It doesn’t take long’
‘A little extra but not difficult and rewarding for parents‘
Relationship with families
 Parent interaction and experience‘Brilliant. Such an easy way to give memories and some positivity to families’
‘It’s a very positive experience for parents, they always are thankful and talk about how important it has been for them and other siblings’
‘More positive, they love to chat about the videos’
‘Positive effect on parents, less fear of making the first phone call of the day’
 Communication and trust‘Helps build more of a rapport with parents and gives you something extra to talk about’
‘Helps to gain the parents trust that you care about them and their baby’
‘Parents feel more involved and part of the team, which makes our working relationship better’
 Appreciation‘They appreciate it and you know you made them feel a bit better seeing their baby is okay’
‘It’s lovely to see how delighted they are with a visual update’
 Parent expectation‘Sometimes there’s an expectation to receive regular updates which isn’t always possible if the unit is busy’
Technical aspects and training
 Technical issues‘If video fails to load, have to repeat again’
‘Wifi can be an issue resulting in loss of video’
 Training‘More training will make me more confident and will make it quicker for me to do’
 Equipment‘Sometimes only one iPad available and not always at hand‘