Table 1

Pre-implementation parent responses

ThemeParent comments
Parent stressors
Separation‘I don’t want to leave him’
‘Being apart from your newborn and not being there 24 hours is stressful‘
Worry about baby’s health‘Worried about my baby’s health—I thought she might die’
‘My baby’s health and constant ups and downs, worries about getting him better’
Feeling afraid, sad, helpless‘I’m afraid’, ‘As a new father for the first time it takes its toll, you feel helpless’
‘Not being able to stay with my baby or see him caused me great stress and sadness’
Fear of unknown‘Not knowing how she is when not here’
‘Fear of unknown’
Siblings‘Feeling like bad parents having to leave other kids to come to hospital’
Money and work‘Cost of going to and from hospital’
‘Still running a business because they came so early’
Feelings about future use of video service
Stress and anxiety‘I would have loved to have a video of her so I could be reassured she was comfortable and not in pain. It would reduce my stress a lot’
Emotional closeness‘It would help to feel closer to her and I can see how she is all the time’
‘It would make me feel like we weren’t apart’
Relationship with staff‘It would build more trust and faith in how well they care for her’
‘Feel more at ease with who’s looking after your child’
Security‘Only concern is security and data protection’
‘Who would access the videos, when would they be deleted’
Staff distraction‘I might be a bit more concerned if the nurses had to spend more time than is necessary taking video recordings rather than attending to the babies’