Table 3

New themes suggested by the external panel by number rated in top 10 in round 2 (n=60)

ThemeTop 10 count%
Included in final list (≥6 top 10 votes)1
 Cognitive development2135
 Economic consequences for family (including stopping/reducing work) and for society1423
 Longitudinal studies over time looking at changes in care and outcomes1423
 Parental mental health1322
 Feeding problems915
 Retinopathy of prematurity915
 Language development, including multilingual education813
 Impact on the organisation of the family and other children in the family813
 Chronic lung disease813
 Quality improvement initiatives712
 Territorial and geographical dispersion/distribution of very preterm births—important for policy and prevention712
 Pharmacology/Medication /Pharmacokinetics of drugs610
 Microbiome studies610
 Role of primary care physicians in care of very preterm children610
 Long-term impact of extreme preterm birth on maternal outcomes (eg, later cardiovascular disease and diabetes)610
Not included in final list (<6 top 10 votes)1
Minor visual impairments58
 Hygiene in the neonatal unit58
 Cystic periventricular leukomalacia47
 Adolescent pregnancy12
 Older paternal age00
  • 1; Six corresponds to the lowest ranking theme in the original list of 28 themes.