Table 2

Characteristics associated with loss to follow-up at 2 years corrected age: EPICE cohort

CharacteristicsNon-respondersRespondersP valueP value*
Mother, pregnancy, delivery16332739
Maternal age (years)
Parity first child81250.0165160.6<0.001<0.001
Multiple pregnancy27516.953319.50.030.02
Received antenatal steroids144089.1247491.00.030.14
Born in the country†64966.8181584.5<0.001<0.001
Infant, postneonatal care, morbidity19203294
Gestational age at birth (weeks)
Birth weight – less than 750 g1517.92858.70.320.40
 <3rd percentile38019.866520.20.830.96
 3–<10th percentile22311.639612.0
 ≥10th percentile131668.6223367.8
IVH (grade III or IV) – PVL1327.02076.40.380.32
Severe NEC (requiring surgery or peritoneal drainage)392.0631.90.770.59
ROP (grade III, IV or V)653.41544.70.030.13
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia‡25413.543313.30.860.06
Any severe morbidity21211.336611.30.990.79
  • PPROM: prolonged preterm rupture of membranes; HELLP, HELLP syndrome; SGA, small for gestational age; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; PVL, periventricular leukomalacia; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; ROP, retinopathy of prematurity.

  • *Adjusted on region of birth.

  • †Without UK.

  • ‡BPD – oxygen or respiratory support at 36 weeks’ GA.

  • EPICE, Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe; GA, gestational age.