Table 1

VPT infants included in the EPICE cohort and follow-up rates at 2 years corrected age

Country (region)Total VPT live birthsVPT infants discharged alive from neonatal careDeaths following discharge and prior to 2 years corrected ageResponses at 2 years corrected age*
Belgium (Flanders)74965186.900.030747.2
Denmark (Eastern region)34828682.200.018062.9
Estonia (whole country)15114092.721.413799.3
Germany (Hesse, Saarland)73564587.850.842165.8
Italy (Emilia, Lazio, Marche)111196186.560.672275.6
The Netherlands (East-Central)39232983.900.022969.6
Poland (Wielkopolska)29923678.910.418980.4
Portugal (Lisbon, Northern)71960684.320.340867.5
UK (East Midlands, Yorkshire)1297114588.350.454047.4
Sweden (Stockholm region)26323790.110.416168.2
Total 6064 5236 86.3 22 0.4 3294 63.2
  • *Response rates calculated as a per cent of eligible infants (discharged alive and surviving to 2 years corrected age).

  • EPICE, Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe; VPT, very preterm.