Table 2

Highest scoring outcomes in round 3 by stakeholder group (outcomes ranked by mean score)

Patients and parentsNurses and therapistsDoctorsResearchers
Necrotising enterocolitisNecrotising enterocolitisNecrotising enterocolitisNecrotising enterocolitis
SepsisHarm due to treatment*SepsisSepsis
Brain injury on imagingSepsisBrain injury on imagingVisual impairment
Harm due to treatment*Brain injury on imagingHearing impairmentHearing impairment
Parental bonding with babyQuality of lifeRetinopathy of prematurityGeneral cognitive ability
PainVisual impairmentGeneral cognitive abilityQuality of life
SufferingPainHarm due to treatment*Brain injury on imaging
Parental involvementSufferingAbility to walkBreast feeding
Retinopathy of prematurityParental bonding with babyGeneral gross motor abilityGeneral gross motor ability
  • *At the consensus meeting ‘Harm from medical treatment’ was redefined as ‘Adverse events’.