Table 1

Characteristics of preterm infants by genetic score blood pressure (gsBP)

gsBPP value*
(<25th percentile), n=1395
(25th–75th percentile), n=2790
(>75th percentile), n=1395
Gestational age (weeks)28.0±2.228.2±2.228.2±2.20.02
Birth weight (g)1021±2911023±3031023±2990.86
Girls (%)46.747.847.20.85
Multiple birth (%)28.727.128.90.93
Small for gestational age (%)11.112.812.70.22
Lowest mean blood pressure on the first day of life (mm Hg)27.3±6.227.6±6.427.9±6.40.009
  • *Two-sided p value comparing groups with low vs high gsBP. Gestational age, birth weight and mean blood pressure are given as mean±SD and compared with t-test. Fisher’s exact test was used to compare all other variables.