Table 3

Subgroup analysis: baseline characteristics of the IFDC and the control groups GA <30 weeks at birth

IFCD (n=20)Controls (n=20)P value
GA at birth27+4 (26+5–29+2)27+1 (26+4–28+6)0.288
Birth weight1090 (830–1313)945 (793–1100)0.223
Index of multiple deprivation rank7392±35929214±60090.243
Index of multiple deprivation decile3 (2–3)3 (2–5)0.506
Maternal age30±6.535±50.005
Marital status, married/living together8 (57)9 (64)1.000
Singleton16 (80)13 (65)0.480
Antenatal steroids, complete course19 (95)14 (70)0.109
Mode of delivery, CS8 (40)11 (55)0.182
Gender, male17 (85)12 (60)0.155
Surfactant given16 (80)16 (80)1.000
  • Continuous variables expressed as mean ±SD or median (IQR). Categorical variables expressed as n (%). P value of the Student t test. P value of the Pearson χ2 test.

  • CS, caesarean section; GA, gestational age; IFDC, Integrated Family Delivered Care;  LOS, length of stay.