Table 2

Effect size of clinical and genetic factors influencing measured lowest mean blood pressure in preterm infants on the first day of life

ExposureNumber of infants exposedLowest mean blood pressure on day 1 in exposed infants (mm Hg) mean±SDEffect size in linear regression analysis
(mm Hg) (95% CI)
P value*
All infants538027.7±6.3n.a.
Higher gestational age (per week)5380n.a.+1.18 (+1.10 to +1.25)<0.001
Antenatal treatment with steroids493927.8±6.3+1.01 (+0.47 to +1.56)<0.001
Genetic score blood pressure (per cumulated beta-coefficient)5380n.a.+0.06 (+0.01 to +0.12)0.032
APGAR score <7 at 5 min95925.3±6.2−0.01 (−0.41 to +0.40)0.967
Multiple birth150427.6±6.5−0.64 (−0.96 to −0.31)<0.001
Birth by emergency caesarean section57126.0±5.9−0.87 (−1.35 to −0.39)<0.001
Mechanical ventilation on the first day of life225325.0±5.8−2.24 (−2.58 to −1.91)<0.001
  • *Linear regression analysis was limited to 5380 infants due to missing data for APGAR score (n=178) and emergency caesarean section (n=24).

  • n.a., not available.