Table 4

Proportion of time spent within, below or above oxygen saturation (SpO2) target ranges, listed as percentages (all infants born <32 weeks’ gestational age: n=20), proportion of time was calculated over 2280 measurements for 3–4 min and 4–5 min, and over 11 400 measurements for 5–10 min

Time after birthSpO2 targetProportion of time below target (%)Proportion of time within target (%)Proportion of time above target (%)Missing values (%)SpO2 median (IQR)Fraction of inspired oxygen  median (IQR)
3–4 min70–9025.334.331.68.887 (67–92)0.32 (0.28–0.75)
4–5 min75–9015.921.855.17.293 (84–95)0.31 (0.27–0.97)
5–10 min80–902.328.957.210.793 (88–96)0.31 (0.26–0.48)