Table 1

Baseline characteristics and parameter measurements for premature AGA and SGA infants receiving an exclusive human milk-based diet

AGA (n=33)SGA (n=18)P values
 Male20 (60.6)10 (55.6)0.77
 Female13 (39.4)8 (44.4)
 White7 (21.1)8 (44.4)0.13
 Black12 (36.4)6 (33.3)
 Hispanic12 (36.4)2 (11.1)
 Asian2 (6.1)1 (5.6)
 Other0 (0)1 (5.6)
Gestational age (week)†26.4±1.929.3±2.8<0.001‡
Birth weight (g)†898.2±203.7883.7±211.30.81
Birth length (cm)†34.5±2.933.7±3.60.41
Birth HC (cm)†23.9±1.924.9±2.10.07
Discharge weight (g)†2850.3±783.72575±1011.90.04‡
Discharge length (cm)†46.8±3.645.0±4.10.08
Discharge HC (cm)†33.1±2.332.8±2.70.64
Length of stay (days)†90.9±40.881.4±47.50.34
PMA at discharge (week)†39.9±5.041.2±4.80.19
Oxygen at week 36*12 (36.4)7 (38.9)0.86
NEC, septic ileus and others*3 (9.1)00.19
Rate of spontaneous intestinal perforation*1 (3)00.46
Drains for perforation*1 (3)00.46
Diet at discharge with breast milk*14 (42.4)13 (72.2)0.04‡
Energy at visit 1 (kcal/day)†1314±417.11251±399.80.60
Carbohydrate at visit 1 (g/day)†174.5±67.5154.1±62.60.35
Protein at visit 1 (g/day)†50.6±18.752.4±25.30.95
Fat at visit 1 (g/day)†53.8±42.147.8±16.80.99
Energy at visit 2 (kcal/day)†1332±301.91396±318.90.25
Carbohydrate at visit 2 (g/day)†169.1±50.4167.1±43.20.99
Protein at visit 2 (g/day)†54.9±15.063.9±26.70.16
Fat at visit 2 (g/day)†49.3±12.953.4±18.00.38
  • *n (%), χ2 test p values.

  • †Mean±SD, independent samples t-test p values.

  • ‡Statistically significant difference.

  • AGA, appropriate for gestational age; HC, head circumference; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; PMA, postmenstrual age; SGA, small for gestational age.