Table 1

Baseline characteristics of included studies

StudyParticipants randomizedGestational age (weeks)
Birth weight (g)
Postnatal age at randomisationIntervention duration
Follow-up durationType of InterventionRoute of administrationDose of interventionComparatorIndustrial funding (yes/no)
Bassler et al 51 86326.1±1.3801±191≤12 hours35NRBUDInhalation800 µg/day in the first 14 days then 400 µg/day until no longer oxygen and positive-pressure support were required or until reaching 32 weeks gestational agePlaceboNo
Cole et al 54 25326±2801±1913–14 days28NRBDP40 µg/kg for the first week, 30 and 15 µg/kg in 10 then 5 µg/kg in the fourth weekPlaceboNR
Foke et al 43 5327.5±0.2987±71<24 hours1414 daysInfluenza500 µg/dayPlaceboNR
Jangaard et al 50 6027.6±2.0900±19272 hours28NRBDP0.2 mg/kg/dayPlaceboNo
Jónsson et al 47 3028.5±4.6841±2037 days217 daysBUD1000 µg/dayPlaceboNo
Denjean et al 48 8627.2±1.61071±2547–10 days28NRBDP1000 µg/dayPlaceboNR
Ng et al 53 2526.3±0.6921±68≤24 hours140Influenza1000 µg/dayPlaceboNR
Pappagallo et al 55 3626.7±1839±78>7 days30±44 daysDEX0.5 mg/kg/days for days 0–3; 0.25 mg/kg/day from days 4–7; 1.0 mg/kg/day for days 8–15; 0.5 mg/kg/day from days 16 to 18Normal salineNR
Yeh et al 37 26526.7±2.2909±268<4 hoursNR3 yearsBUD+surfactantIntratracheal instillation0.25 mg/kg+ 100 mg/kg at ratio>1:50SurfactantNR
Yeh et al*46 11626.5±2.4899±259<4 hoursNR3 yearsBUD+surfactant0.25 mg/kg+ 100 mg/kg at ratio>1:50SurfactantNR
Wan et al 41 6232.3±2.61591±332NR12 daysBUD+surfactant0.25 mg/kg + 100 mg/kgSurfactantNR
Lin et al 52 8627±2.0953±250≤12 hours7NRBUD0.50 mg/kg/dayNormal salineNR
  • *Yeh et al study population was followed up for 3 years and additional data were reported by Kuo et al.74

  • BDP, beclomethasone dipropionate; BUD, budesonide; DEX, dexamethasone; NR, not reported.