Table 1

Clinical and intervention characteristics and primary outcomes

Early intervention n=64Later intervention n=62P value
Patient characteristics
 GA (weeks), median (SD)27.4 (3.3)27.4 (3.2)NS
 BW (g), median (SD)1110 (494)1160 (548)NS
 PVHI24 (37.5%)19 (30.6%)NS
 Death7 (11%)9 (14%)NS
Intervention details
 Day of randomisation (median, range)9 (2–22)9 (3–21)NS
 Day of first intervention (LP) following randomisation (median, range)1 (1–11)6 (2–19)<0.001
 LPs62 (97%)36 (58%)<0.001
 VR40 (62%)27 (43%)<0.05
 Day of VR placement following randomisation (median, range)6 (2–15)10 (5–28)<0.001
 VP shunt12 (19%)14 (23%)NS
 CSF protein before VP shunt (g/L, median—IQR)1.5 (1.4) (available in 8 infants)1.0 (1.1)(available in 11 infants)NS
 CSF erythrocytes before VP shunt (median, IQR)3 (32) (available in 8 infants)10 (33) (available in 11 infants)NS
  • BW, birth weight; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; GA, gestational age; LP, lumbar puncture; NS, not significant; PVHI, periventricular haemorrhagic infarction; VP, ventriculoperitoneal; VR, ventricular reservoir.