Table 1

Characteristics of live births and survivors to discharge from the neonatal unit

CharacteristicsLive births
(n = 7438)
Survivors to discharge (n = 6422)
Infant characteristics Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
 Gestational age28.4 (2.4)28.9 (2.0)
 Birth weight, mean1194 (402)1255 (370)
Gestational age%%
 <25 weeks9.23.7
 25–27 weeks23.021.1
 28–29 weeks24.926.9
 30–31 weeks42.948.3
Multiple pregnancy31.231.7
 <3rd percentile20.220.2
 3–<10th percentile11.411.7
 ≥10th percentile68.468.1
Apgar score at 5 min
Congenital anomaly†7.17.3
Maternal and pregnancy characteristics
Maternal age
 <35 years73.973.6
 35 years26.126.4
Healthcare and management
Any antenatal steroids86.389.2
Delivery in level III unit77.978.0
Neonatal transport11.311.0
Type of delivery
 Prelabour caesarean39.941.8
 Intrapartum caesarean24.925.9
 Vaginal delivery35.232.4
Initial respiratory management
 Mechanical ventilation43.241.2
  • *Small for gestational age using intrauterine references.

  • †Congenital anomalies reportable to Eurocat, but not severe. Cases with severe anomalies were excluded.

  • HELLP, hemolysis  elevated  liver enzymes low  platelet count; PPROM, preterm premature rupture of membrane.