Table 3

Outcomes discussed at the consensus meeting, categorised into OMERACT filter 2.0 core areas

Mortality outcomesLife impact outcomesPathophysiological manifestation outcomesResource utilisation outcomesAdverse event outcomes
MortalityHome parenteral nutritionQuality of life for the childShort bowel syndromeAbdominal compartment syndrome†
Need for total parenteral nutrition postdischargeBowel lengthening procedure requiredCholestasisBowel ischaemia
ReoperationTime on total parenteral nutritionUnspecified measures of growth*Bowel obstruction†
Societal costs, including financial costs for the familyTime on parenteral nutritionBowel resection†
RehospitalisationLiver transplantIntestinal perforation†
Length of stay*Small bowel transplantationNecrotising enterocolitis†
Need for a permanent stomaInfection with systemic sequelae
Chronic GI symptomsAnastomotic stricture
Gastrointestinal dysfunctionGastrointestinal complication†
Neurodevelopmental outcomesIntestinal failure associated liver disease
  • *Outcomes not meeting criteria for automatic discussion at the consensus meeting and only promoted after unanimous agreement by the meeting attendees.

  • †Outcomes combined to the composite outcome severe gastrointestinal complication.

  • GI, gastrointestinal.