Table 4

Potential contributing factors in the development of SASGS by cases and controls

Cases n=35Controls n=70p Value
Number of previous intubations*4(2–9; 1–20)2(1–5; 0–8)<0.001
>5 previous intubations15(42.9%)12(17.1%)0.008
Total days with ETT*16(8–49; 1–99)9.5(1–37.5; 0–80)<0.001
Number of days each ETT was in place*4.5(3.0–6.3;
ETT >7 days†28(80%)40(57.1%)0.009
ETT >14 days†21(60%)32(45.7%)0.069
ETT >21 days†15(42.9%)28(40.0%)0.695
Episode of unplanned extubation†16(45.7%)14(20.0%)0.007
>2 unplanned extubations/100 days ventilated†15(42.9%)12(17.1%)0.005
Multiple attempts at intubation†12(34.3%)15(21.4%)0.170
Episode of traumatic intubation†12(34.3%)5(7.1%)0.003
Episode of intubation where Sherman ratio >0.1†26(74.3%)30(42.9%)0.001
Episode of proven sepsis†19(55.9%)47(67.1%)0.222
  • Data represents median* (IQR; range) or N (%)† as appropriate unless otherwise specified.

  • ETT, endotracheal tube; SASGS, severe acquired subglottic stenosis.