Table 3

Mortality for the baby before discharge from hospital

Clamp ≥2 min+neonatal care with cord intactClamp ≤20 s+neonatal care after clamping
Death7 (5%)15 (11%)
 Early neonatal death37
 Late neonatal death25
 Postneonatal death11
Gestation at birth (weeks)
 30–31+6 1
 28–29+6 13
 26–27+6 4
Cause of death:
 Congenital anomaly†1
 Severe pulmonary immaturity33
 Intrapartum asphyxia11
   Early onset11
   Late onset2
 Necrotising enterocolitis2
  • *Includes the baby of one woman who withdrew.

  • Clamp ≥2 min: prolonged oligohydramnios (n=1); clamp ≤20 s: myocardial ischaemia (1), prolonged oligohydramnios (1).

  • †Not known before randomisation.