Table 3

Child Behaviour Checklist parental report scales of behavioural difficulties at 24 months in each of the study groups

Total problem score15.5 (9–26.5)23.9 (12–31)18 (9–28)
p Value0.530.17
Internal raw score3 (1–6)3.5 (1–7)3 (1–7)
p Value0.580.82
External raw score7 (2.75–11)7.5 (4.75–14.0)8 (4–11)
p Value0.780.03
ADH subscale2 (1–5)4.0 (1.75–5.25)3 (1–4)
  • Data are median (IQR).

  • Statistical significance set at p<0.05. p Value denotes difference between study groups and reference AGA group calculated by Mann-Whitney U test.

  • ADH, attention-deficit hyperactivity; AGA, appropriate-for-gestational age; SGA, small-for-gestational age; TGA, thin-for-gestational age.