Table 5

Multilevel analysis (random intercept model) of factors associated with withholding or withdrawal of intensive care in the delivery room (N=860 infants and N=165 maternity units)

VariablesModel 1 (N=860)Model 2a (N=860)Model 2b (N=823)
Fixed effectsOR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Social characteristics
Country of birth of the mother
 Another European country1.30.3 to 5.2
 African country1.40.7 to 2.6
 Other0.70.07 to 7.3
Antenatal medical characteristics
In vitro fertilisation
 Yes0.20.03 to 1.9
Multiple pregnancy
 Yes0.50.3 to 0.99
 Yes1.60.9 to 2.9
Delivery within 24 h of mother's hospitalisation
 Yes2.21.2 to 3.8
Neonatal characteristics
Gestational age (weeks)
 24 21.510.7 to 43.2< 0.000112.96.0 to 28.1<0.0001
 25 2.91.3 to to 5.2
 26 11
Birth weight (g)
 <600 3.01.3 to 6.90.03
 600 to <750 g1.91.0 to 3.6
 ≥750 g1
Random effects
Variance of u0j (τ00)1.63*0.370.41
Proportion of variance explained by all the variables in the model compared to the empty model0.770.75
  • *Variance significantly different from 0.