Table 3

Comparison of infants with intensive care and for whom intensive care was withheld or withdrawn for medical management and mortality rate (N=983 infants born alive between 22 and 26 weeks)

Variable (N (% in column))Intensive care (N=770)Intensive care withheld or withdrawn (N=213)p Value
Oxygen therapy
 Yes634 (85)37 (19)<0.0001
Nasal continuous positive airway pressure
 Yes589 (81)28 (15)<0.0001
Endotracheal intubation
 Yes719 (94)23 (12)<0.0001
Chest compressions
 Yes76 (10)13 (7)0.1
Epinephrine administration
 Yes37 (5)9 (5)0.8
No resuscitation (none of the above items)
 Yes9 (1)151 (80)<0.0001
Died in the delivery room
 Yes8 (1)204 (96)<0.0001