Table 3

Estimation results from logistic regression models with a random intercept

CovariateOR95% CIOR95% CI
Each 1-week increase in GA at birth0.6880.479 to 0.9880.6080.476 to 0.777
Presence of any marker of severity of illness*2.7331.123 to 6.6521.8721.074 to 3.261
Higher cumulative number of severity of illness markers2.0651.275 to 3.3461.6721.204 to 2.322
Any antihypotensive therapy treatment1.530.708 to 3.3071.8361.092 to 3.086
Expected BP rise (vs less than the expected rate)0.710.347 to 1.4540.9040.548 to 1.493
  • *One-minute Apgar score ≤3, initial haematocrit ≤30%, any pH <7.10 in the first 24 h, a positive blood culture drawn within 72 h of birth or delivery room chest compressions.

  • BP, blood pressure; GA, gestational age; NIDD, neurodevelopmental impairment or developmental delay.