Table 4

Mortality and morbidity to discharge for babies cared for in level 3 services categorised by medium and high-activity levels (see text)

OutcomeHigh activity (n=826)Medium activity (n=525)aOR high vs medium activityp Value*
Antenatal death12115%8516%0.92 (0.66 to 1.27)0.600
Delivery room deaths*8210%6512%0.78 (0.49 to 1.22)0.274
Neonatal unit deaths <7 days9411%6813%0.82 (0.58 to 1.17)0.275
All early neonatal deaths17621%13325%0.78 (0.58 to 1.06)0.119
Late neonatal death (7–28 days)*698%5010%0.72 (0.47 to 1.08)0.115
Death 29 days to discharge496%357%0.65 (0.40 to 1.06)0.086
All deaths41550%30358%0.68 (0.52 to 0.89)0.005
Survival without neonatal morbidity8610%6512%0.79 (0.55 to 1.14)0.205
Survivors only
 No neonatal morbidity8621%6529%0.69 (0.47 to 1.02)0.063
  • No heterogeneity (of effect of throughput level) was found across gestational age for any outcome.

  • *Test for significance of effect of throughput, adjusted for gestational age and birthweight for gestation; further adjustment for antenatal transfer did not materially change the ORs or CIs for any of the outcomes.

  • aOR, OR adjusted for gestational age and birthweight for gestation based on population alive at start of time period.