Table 3

Multivariable analysis of association of deranged glucose parameters with unfavourable outcome

Deranged glucose parameter within 12 h of randomisationUnfavourable outcome
Adjusted OR95% CIp Value
Hypoglycaemia6.21.4 to 27.30.016
Hyperglycaemia2.71.5 to 4.90.001
Hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia3.01.6 to 5.80.001
Both hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia3.50.99 to 12.10.052
Recurrent hypoglycaemia2.10.52 to 8.30.304
Recurrent hyperglycaemia4.51.7 to 12.00.003
Recurrent hypoglycaemia and/or hyperglycaemia2.51.4 to 4.20.001
Recurrent hyperglycaemia and/or hypoglycaemia5.01.9 to 13.50.001
  • Statistical model adjusted for birth weight, hypothermia therapy, Sarnat stage (III vs II), Apgar score at 5 min and first pH.