Table 1

Numbers of late and moderately preterm (LMPT) and term births and rates and univariable relative risk of LMPT birth by maternal lifestyle characteristics

IndicatorLMPT birthsTerm-born birthsRate of LMPT births/ 100 births weighted*Relative risk of LMPT birth95% CIP value
Use of recreational drugs during pregnancy
 Yes19129.61.610.83 to 3.13
Smoking status
 Gave-up before pregnancy1451964.70.820.65 to 1.03
 Gave-up in 1st trimester57576.31.090.76 to 1.56
 Smoker during pregnancy1961438.41.461.16 to 1.83
Alcohol use
 Gave up before pregnancy2672985.60.800.64 to 1.00
 Gave up in first trimester2012415.30.750.59 to 0.95
 Drank during pregnancy1651746.00.850.66 to 1.09
Daily consumption of five fruit and vegetables
 At least once a week7288195.610.001
 Never1941498.01.431.15 to 1.78
Mediterranean diet factors
 None331711.51.961.15 to 3.32
  • *Rate of LMPT birth calculated using weight of 15 for term births.