Table 1

Demographics of infants analysed

 Female50% (25)
 Gestational age at birth (weeks+days)30+5 (6+4)
 Birth weight (g)1303 (980)
 Postmenstrual age at the time of recording (weeks+days)34+1 (4+6)
 Weight at the time of recording (g)1891 (1240)
Respiratory interventions
 Conventional ventilation (intubated)6% (3)
 CPAP14% (7)
 HHHFNC14% (7)
 Low flow nasal oxygenation10% (5)
 None56% (23)
Cardiac lesions
 Patent ductus arteriosus16% (8)
 Tetralogy of Fallot2% (1)
 Isolated ventricular septal defect2% (1)
 Isolated valvular abnormalities4% (2)
 No lesion suspected76% (28)
  • Results are % (n) or median (IQR).

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; HHHFNC, heated humidified high-flow nasal cannulae.