Table 3

Mean level of consensus for statements by factor 2 participants (mean levels for statements by factor 1 and 3 participants in parentheses for comparison)13

Factor 2 (n=5)F2(F1, F3)
The current abortion limit of 24 weeks of gestation is adequate, as infants <24/40 weeks should not normally be resuscitated due to low survival rates and high risks of disability5(−1, 0)
Women should have the right to choose abortion up until 24 weeks of gestation5(0, −2)
The amount of technology surrounding the infant alters the concept of death to something that can be overcome3(1, 1)
Technological developments means that heroic measures of extraordinary support are overused2*(1, 5)
The amount of technology used in the neonatal unit is a barrier which is detrimental to parent–infant bonding1*(0, −2)
Parents should be shown morbidity and mortality statistics following preterm birth to help facilitate decision making0(3, 2)
The more disabilities that can be diagnosed prenatally, the more pressure there is on women to abort these pregnancies0(1, 1)
The choices that parents make about their extremely preterm infant are often prompted by the choices of the health care professionals0*(2, 1)
Euthanasia protocols for extremely preterm infants should be introduced in the UK−1(−4, −3)
It is wrong to knowingly bring a disabled child into this world−1(−5, 2)
Technology should be advanced to allow the most premature of infants to survive−1*(2, −4)
Always initiating full intensive care treatment gives parents a chance to think that they have done everything they possibly could−2(0, 1)
Infants born extremely preterm with life-limiting illness should still be given full intensive care treatment−3*(0, −5)
Life satisfaction is not possible if you have a disability−3(−6, −1)
The abortion limits should be reduced in acknowledgement and accordance with the current limits of viability−4(1, 0)
Abortions should not be allowed from 22/40 weeks as the fetus is changing into a baby−5(−1, 0)
  • All factors <0.05.

  • *Factors with p<0.01.