Table 4

Variables significantly associated with Bayley-III motor score in ‘before’ cohort

p ValueR SquareEstimate variation of motor score (SD) per Δ of unit of measurement*
Growth velocity in the first 30 days after regaining birth weight (10 g/kg/day) (4.0)
Week 1 enteral protein (g/kg/day)<0.00010.4116.6 (3.7)
Enteral protein intake first 2 weeks (g/kg/day)0.0030.228.1 (2.6)
Enteral protein first 30 days (g/kg/day) (2.7)
Total energy intake first 30 days (10 kcal/kg/day) (1.5)
Week 1 enteral volume (10 mL/kg/day)<0.0010.302.4 (0.9)
Full enteral feeds and no intravenous nutrition given (per day of life)<0.0010.17−1.0±0.3
  • *To make the estimate variation more comprehensible to the reader we ran a univariate analysis with raw data rather than normalised data.