Table 1

Outcome categories for infants <30 months of age (modified from refs 15 16)

Category 1 (severe disability)One or more of the following
Sensorineural deafness (requiring hearing aids)
Bilateral blindness
Severe cerebral palsy
Development delay (Bayley-III cognitive score ≥2 SD below mean)
Category 2One or more of the following
Bayley-III cognitive score between 1 and 2 SD below mean
Mild to moderate cerebral palsy without developmental (cognitive) delay
Impaired vision requiring spectacles
Conductive hearing loss requiring aids
Category 3 (presence of tone disorder or motor delay)*Bayley-III motor score >1 SD below the mean (but cognitive score within average range)
Category 4 (normal development)No apparent tone disorder and
No apparent developmental delay (Bayley-III motor and cognitive score within average range or above)
  • *Category 3 is included to signal that a number of preterm infants tested at an early age have minor tone disorder or motor delay. These may improve as the children mature with age and experience.