Table 1

Definitions of diagnoses in babies with test positive pulse oximetry screening

Congenital pneumoniaRaised inflammatory markers (CRP >10 mg/L) ± positive culture, radiological changes on chest X-ray, oxygen requirement (for longer than 2 h), antibiotics for ≥5 days
Meconium aspiration syndromeHistory of meconium staining of liquor, respiratory distress, oxygen requirement (for longer than 2 h), radiological changes on chest X-ray
SepsisRaised inflammatory markers (CRP >10 mg/L) ± positive culture, antibiotics for ≥5 days
TTN requiring oxygenTachypnoea with radiological changes of fluid retention, oxygen requirement (for more than 2 h), no rise in inflammatory markers or positive culture
  • Congenital pneumonia, meconium aspiration syndrome or TTN requiring oxygen were classified as significant respiratory illness.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; TTN, transient tachypnoea of the newborn.