Table 1

Regional and global estimates of the annual incidence of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), by severity, the number treated and the annual incidence of visual loss, by severity (from Blencowe)6

High incomeMiddleLowTotal*
Number with any ROP41 400139 0004300184 700
% of global total22%75%2%100%
Number with severe ROP870043 400140053 500
Phenotype of babies with severe ROPMost <1250 g; all <1500 gWide heterogeneity with babies affected up to <∼2500 g and <∼34 weeks
Number treated for severe ROP670015 70030022 700
% of cases of severe ROP treated79%38%21%
Number with mild/moderate visual impairment from ROP2900920020012 300
Number with severe visual impairment or blind from ROP260016 90060020 000
Total with visual loss540026 10080032 300
% of total burden of ROP-associated visual loss17%81%2%100%
  • Source: data based on reanalysis of Blencowe et al by WHO income groupings 6*Numbers may not sum due to rounding.