Table 3

Top 20 ranking NICU research statements

Research statementMean (SD)
1Identifying effective interventions to prevent or reduce pain or stress5.49 (1.07)
2Identifying and evaluating strategies to reduce medication errors5.20 (1.13)
3Improving end-of-life care for neonates and their families5.05 (1.18)
4Identifying strategies to support the needs of parents and family members5.04 (1.23)
5Identifying interventions to implement evidence into NICU nursing practice5.02 (1.03)
6Identifying best practices for pain assessment5.02 (1.11)
7Identifying safe medication administration practices4.96 (1.19)
8Exploring the role of parents in ethical decision making4.95 (1.35)
9Identifying strategies to reduce stress and improve performance in NICU nursing4.85 (1.11)
10Identifying best practices in the care of non-invasive ventilation in infants4.85 (1.21)
11Identifying and evaluating strategies to support parental attachment4.85 (1.37)
12Identifying best practices for the implementation of family centred care4.80 (1.21)
13Improving patient safety and patient outcomes4.78 (1.03)
14Developing palliative care pathways for neonates4.78 (1.10)
15Improving healthcare team communication and collaboration4.78 (1.17)
16Evaluating the role and involvement of parents in the care of their infant4.78 (1.20)
17Evaluating infection prevention strategies4.78 (1.29)
18Identifying pain and/or stress guidelines4.76 (1.05)
19Improving the care and parental education of chronically ill neonates requiring longterm care 4.76 (1.22)
20Evaluating developmental care4.75 (1.14)
  • Scoring on a 6-point scale.

  • NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.