Table 1

Summary of definitions for recommended outcome categories (British Association of Perinatal Medicine 2008)

Criteria forSevere neurodevelopmental disabilityModerate neurodevelopmental disability
DomainAny one of the below:Any one of the below:
 MotorCerebral palsy with GMFCS level 3, 4 or 5Cerebral palsy with GMFCS level 2
 Cognitive functionScore <−3SDs below norm (DQ<55)Score −2SD to -3SD below norm (DQ 55–70)
 HearingNo useful hearing even with aids (profound >90 dBHL)Hearing loss corrected with aids (usually moderate 40–70 dBHL) or
Some hearing but loss not corrected by aids (usually severe 70–90dBHL)
 Speech and LanguageNo meaningful words/signs
unable to comprehend cued command (ie, commands only understood in a familiar situation or with visual cues eg, gestures)
Some but fewer than 5 words
or signs
unable to comprehend uncued command but able to comprehend a cued command
can only perceive light or light reflecting objects
seems to have moderately reduced vision but better than severe visual impairment;
or blind in one eye with good vision in the contralateral eye
Other disabilities (included as additional impairments to severe or moderate neurodevelopmental disability)
 RespiratoryRequires continued respiratory support or oxygenLimited exercise tolerance
 GastrointestinalRequires parenteral nutrition, gavage or gastrostomy feedingOn special diet or has stoma
 RenalRequires dialysis or awaiting organ transplantRenal impairment requiring treatment or special diet
  • GMFCS; Gross Motor Function Classification System; SD, standard deviation; DQ, developmental quotient