Table 1

Study population (n=20), baseline data

Gestational age, mean (SD)29.3 (1.7) weeks
Birth weight, mean (SD)1234 (353) grams
Postnatal age at study entry, median (IQR)6 (4–10) days
Last pCO2 prior to study enrolment*5.6 (0.9) kPa
Mechanical ventilation prior to study enrolment6/20 (30%)
Randomised to start with HHHFNC/NCPAP9/11
  • *Blood gas obtained during routine clinical care within 96 h prior to study enrolment. No additional blood gases were obtained for study purpose.

  • HHHFNC, heated humidified high flow nasal cannulae; NCPAP, nasal continuous positive airway pressure.